Koubra Bible College

This is the first Bible College founded by the Burkina Faso Assemblies of God. Created in 1941, it has formed over 2500 male and female servants of God in more than seventy years of activity. All the successive Presidents of the Assemblies of God began their theological studies in this College. It is situated near the motorway which goes south-east from the capital to five kilometres beyond the centre of Kouba. Each college course hosts more than 250 students with their families. Each student is allowed to bring his wife and no more than two of his children with him; each family nucleus stays in a small apartment. The quarters are all arranged around a courtyard where there are also hearths for cooking. Cooking, eating and washing the dishes are all done on the ground. Seeing how they cook and what they eat makes us think that for them food is an optional, something you can do without; they don’t give food the same importance as we do, maybe because they only have the essentials needed for survival. The students have to provide sustenance for their own families, but while they are busy with their studies, it is the wives who work, cultivate the earth or weave. All in all, in the centre as a whole, there are usually more than one thousand people. All the pastors work as bricklayers, breeders or farmers; even those who have a full time ministry receive no economic support from the organization and all they can do is to put their trust in divine providence and in the generosity of the Christian brotherhood.

The courses are divided up into six sections, three in the French language and three in the Mooré language, but by the end of the course all the students have learned to speak French. The current language of Ouagadougou is Mooré whilst in the western part of the country (Bobo Dioulasso) the Bambara language is spoken. Other dialects, which for many are incomprehensible, are also spoken, somewhat like what takes place here in Italy between the people from Puglia and those from Bergamo. French is the acquired language which allows everyone understand each other, no matter which part of the country they are from, but only those who go to school learn French. However, in the family, ethnic languages prevail.