When the land was bought, there was already a low building of approximately 200 square metres on the plot. After the walls were built up higher and the roof was redone, this became the new Kouba Church. The pastor’s name is Joel and at the moment the church members are made up of approximately 15 boys and girls, the children of the villagers who are all Muslim. The service, which would be better to call “Sunday School”, is held every Sunday morning. The local Muslims, for the most part illiterate, are not radical and willingly allow their children to attend the Christian service.

Thanks to the children, trust has been built up with their families. Sometimes, after service, the pastor gives the children foodstuffs to take home. Our neighbour is a very kind Muslim man. He guards the property when none of us is around. We have planted a lot of Eucalyptus trees around the land so that people from outside will know that the land has owners, but not only for that reason; the wood is used for cooking purposes. Eucalyptus trees are very rustic and grow rapidly whilst not needing a lot of water.


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